Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The RJ's turn TWO!

Today is mine and Sven's Second Anniversary. Our wedding was beautiful and everything we wanted, we were surrounded by friends and family.

Sven was handsome and I of course was beautiful :) Sven's groomsmen were dashing and my girls were gorgeous. They are seriously the most amazing girls I know, I couldn't have gotten throughout the day without them. I wish I lived closer to the me because they are so incredible and I love them all so much!

Funny story. As the doors opened for me to walk down the aisle, I looked for Sven and didn't see him, I saw the Best Man, I thought I was marrying the Best Man. I even turned to my dad and asked him where Sven was. Since I couldn't see Sven, I wanted to get down the aisle and find him, so I think I drug my dad down the aisle. My dad kept telling me to slow down. I finally found Sven at the end of the aisle, I was so nervous, Sven says I was vibrating the whole ceremony!

Here are some pictures to enjoy: Just to warn you, there are alot:

The bottom tier of our cake

The back of my dress, showing off my sisters handywork

Pretty Bride

My bouquet

Our programs made by my cousin

Sven waiting for me

Just Married!

The Happy RJ's

Me and my girls

Angels Pose

Yay! Love this picture!

Sven and the guys

Our Cake

My mom's side of the Family

Cutting the Cake. I didn't know what to do, so I asked our photographer :)

Waiting to go out for our First Dance

Starting our First Dance

My wedding gym shoes

My dress Patch that was my Something Blue

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Maria said...

Beautiful pictures! Happy anniversary!!