Sunday, November 3, 2013


I have been MIA for longer than I wanted, some interesting things have happened. After my surgery two weeks ago, my eye was very, very overcorrected, I mean my eye was all the way in the left corner and I could not see out of both eyes, only one. Not fun. I have so many bruises and am so sore cause I fell so much and walked into things. So, it was decided by my doctor and myself that I would have surgery again to help fix the problem. So, I went in on the 28th or Monday to see my doctor, we decide I need surgery and the 30th or that Wednesday, I am at the Surgery Center about to have my second surgery in two weeks on the same eye and on the same muscles. So, I had the second surgery on Wednesday, I went to my doctor and the verdict: I am still overcorrected :( I can't see out of my left eye without seeing double, so I keep my eye closed. My depth perception and spacial perception are all off, so Sven is helping me walk. I had this surgery back in 2006 on my right eye and it went beautifully, my left eye is just being stubborn, but really I think it's the Ataxia, rearing it's head again. I will prolly be MIA again for awhile until this gets fixed. Wish me luck, that it does soon!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


My eye surgery is tomorrow and I am nervous and stressed about it. I know everything is going to go fine, I have this surgery before, back in 2006 and the same surgeon/ doctor is performing the surgery. The doctor that is performing the surgery is Dr. Andrew Blatt. I swear, he is the man to see if you have eye issues! I have been seeing him since I have been in St. Louis. And I credit my sister in law to finding him, she referred me to an eye doctor and he noticed my eyes were doing some wonky things that he referred me to Dr. Blatt, who has been taking care of me since. I prolly won't be posting much for a little while, while I recover. So, wish me luck! And wish Sven luck, cause he has to take care of me!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

I am taking a break from watching football, since one of my teams the Texans are doing really bad and against the Rams! No offense Rams fans, but the Rams defense is not all that great, but the offense has been doing really good! So, I did get a comment on what I should talk about and my wonderful sister in law said to talk about how much I love Thirty One products. I know, I know, wonderful, you think? Yes, wonderful. She has made my transition to St. Louis so much easier and my day to day life so much better, I could not have not moved hare without having her here! Okay, onto Thirty One. Oh how can I express my love for thee. My sister in law, Melissa, I call her Missy, is my Consultant and I am prolly one of her best customers! I buy for myself, I buy for friends and I buy for friends and family that just had babies. They have something for everything and I don't know the names for everything, I am sure Missy will chime in to help me! I have a couple of Large Utility Totes which I put in my trunk and use it for when Sven and I go grocery shopping. Each one can hold 3 - 4 bags and then when you get home you can put the tote on your shoulder with the shoulder straps, so much easier! And then for your frozen and cold items, I have the insulated tote, but it is not just for the grocery store, oh no my friends! I use it for when we are travel to Chicago, I put our drinks in there and our crackers and beef jerky, etc., they are also great for picnics! Another great thing for travel, is the zipper pouch. It holds so much, I can put my shampoo and conditioner and I get the big sizes and still have room for my face cleansers. You can also use them to put your kids toys in them or you could put diapers and wipes in them. I have many purses and totes, the one I love is the Metro Retro Bag. It holds everything I need it to and it is great for when I travel to Chicago or I fly and I have seen many people use it as a purse which is brillant! They have things to keep you organized, to keep your kids organized! So, go buy some Thirty One products, cause you know you want to, I mean everyone is doing it! And if you do order, order from Missy, her page is,

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In One Week..........

In one week, next Wednsday, I am having eye surgery, specifically Strabismus Eye Surgery. Strabismus surgery is surgery on the extraocular muscles to correct the misalignment of the eyes. With approximately 1.2 million procedures each year, extraocular muscle surgery is the third most common eye surgery in the United States. I had this surgery back in 2006 and it went very well and I was able to wear contacts for my wedding! For years I have been dealing with double vision and nystagmus. The amount of prisms that I had in my glasses progressively got more and more to the point where my double vision was all the time and my eye was drifting so it was surgery time! I am anxious, scared and excited all at once. I am not looking forward to the anesthesia or the recovery but just want it dont, so I can start seeing better!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fashion Truck

The St. Louis Post Dispatch posted this article: Would you buy a dress from the back of a truck? I think I would. Would you? Let me know!

Sunday, October 6, 2013


I saw today that the Bears game was today at noon on FOX and really thought it was going to be on TV, cause the last couple Bears games have been on TV. I wass talking to a friend, who is also a Bears fan and he said the reason why they don't broadcast the Bears game here is because somehow the Rams block it from being shown. What? Now. why in the world would you block the Bears game? I even had my "This Girl Loves Da Bears" shirt on! So, I had FOX on and was watching the pre-game show and after the pre-game show, what came on? Not the Bears, but Paid Programming for some beauty moisturizer! That is some deliberate blocking, but no football on FOX, that's just blasphemy! The only game that was on tv guessed it, the Rams, sorry but I just don't like watching them (I am not liking St. Louis right now). But, I watched them, it's football, I can't resist! I am watching football in a whole new way this season! I am participating in my very first fantasy football league this year. I love football but all the workings, I don't get. At the start, I had no clue what I was doing, but that is okay, my sister, my cousins and some uncles didn't have a clue either, but I am getting the hang of it. I am 2-2 going into week 5 and hope to beat my dad! But, if anyone has any tips or advice please leave me a comment!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Since no one voted on which topic I should start with, I am going to pick the topic and I am going to choose how I am obsessed with the "Murder" Channel.

The "Murder" Channel is Investigation Discovery, Sven dubbed it the "Murder" Channel.  I have always been interested in how people think and why they do the things they do.  What makes someone that has a normal childhood start killing and why someone who is abused all their life finally lets all their rage out on one person.
I think this interest led to my interest in the mob during the Prohibition Era, ecspecially Al Capone!  It is fascinating to me how they basically lived two lives.  The life of crime and corruption that we all hear about and then their charitable side, which you don't hear about.  I am reading the book Uncle Al written by his grand niece Deidre Marie Capone.  Very Fascinating, it definately shows a different side of Al Capone and the Capone family and also offers up different explanations about events we have heard about.  Like Al Capone had nothing to do with the Valentine's Day Massacre and the reason why he was crazy or not all there in his later years was not all because of syphillis but because of the drugs they gave him to treat syphillis.

I did go to school for Marketing cause I was interested in finding out why consumers buy what they do.  Did you know you had to take boring business classes until you got to the good stuff?  Well, the business and math and accounting classes did not agree with me, truthfully, school did not agree with me!