Thursday, August 20, 2009

My tresses are a mess!

I hate my hair.

It is long, to the point of unmanageability (sp?) and frizziness! It needs to be cut. But, here's the thing it has always been long. I need a change, I need something that is easy and will not take work to maintain.

So, this is what my hair basically looks like except my bangs are long and not so pretty. I actually have naturally wavy and curly hair but because it is long, it heavy and the curl does not come out.

I have narrowed it down to five choices, which do you like?

I am torn towards my hair from a couple years ago, Reese Witherspoon's hair and Jenna Elfman's hair. I also really like Nicole Ritchie's hair. I just don't know, maybe I should bring all four of the pictures to my hairdresser and we can brainstorm?

So, leave me a comment and let me know which you like and I will post my hair after my appointment on Saturday.


Dana said...

I love love loved your hair like it was from a couple years ago. You looked so cute and it just laid so well!

Cecilia said...

I love the pics you have up. I would definitely take them all to my hairdresser, especially if it's someone you trust. That's how I have gotten some of my best cuts. I can't wait to see the photos!!!

Sassy said...

I really like your old cut. But I agree that you should take all the pics with you so your hairdresser can see a variety of what you like and help you choose the best, lowest maintenance 'do.

Beckie said...

I am excited but nervous about cutting my hair. My hairdresser was trained by the author of the book Curly Girl and she is a naturally curly ( hair stylist.
She always does a great job and she knows her stuff!

Mary Anh said...

I think they are all cute. I agree with the others. Take all the pictures to your stylist. I am sure he or she can find something for you.

Cassie said...

I like your old cut!!