Wednesday, April 2, 2008


This weekend, Sven and I, along with my parents and my sister, went to the Wurstfest in Hermann, MO. I think that is the worst name possible for a festival, me not knowing what it meant and only knowing it was German.

Apparently, Wurstfest is a salute to sausage and it means Sausage Fest. That it was, but not in the way many of you are thinking :) There were 10 different vendors with 50 - 60 different kinds of sausage. There were snack sticks, jerky, kielbasa, bologna, and oh so much more! Oh, and they did have beer! What would a German festival be without beer?!

When you need to cleanse your palette and take a break from the sausage, you can head on over to Tin Mill Brewery. They had a special to try 5 beers for $5. Can't beat that!

I told you all that to tell you this: Sven and I bought alot of sausage and packed our freezer, we have a couple dinners set!

Tonight's dinner was Smoked Kielbasa with Cheese inside, mmmmmmmmm cheese! The Kielbasa was from Paradise Locker Meats. This year Paradise Meat Locker's Kielbasa won the Champion award at Wurstfest and after dinner, I can understand why!

This was our second year going to the Wurstfest and we will be going next year too!

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