Sunday, November 3, 2013


I have been MIA for longer than I wanted, some interesting things have happened. After my surgery two weeks ago, my eye was very, very overcorrected, I mean my eye was all the way in the left corner and I could not see out of both eyes, only one. Not fun. I have so many bruises and am so sore cause I fell so much and walked into things. So, it was decided by my doctor and myself that I would have surgery again to help fix the problem. So, I went in on the 28th or Monday to see my doctor, we decide I need surgery and the 30th or that Wednesday, I am at the Surgery Center about to have my second surgery in two weeks on the same eye and on the same muscles. So, I had the second surgery on Wednesday, I went to my doctor and the verdict: I am still overcorrected :( I can't see out of my left eye without seeing double, so I keep my eye closed. My depth perception and spacial perception are all off, so Sven is helping me walk. I had this surgery back in 2006 on my right eye and it went beautifully, my left eye is just being stubborn, but really I think it's the Ataxia, rearing it's head again. I will prolly be MIA again for awhile until this gets fixed. Wish me luck, that it does soon!


Xavier Jacome said...

Stay positive and if you need anything message me. :-)

Lynds said...

I'm so sorry! This kind of stuff is so hard, especially when you're already dealing with lots of stresses from your regular day-to-day life :-(

Jennifer said...

That just sucks, Beckie! Well, when you're feeling better, we'd still love to see you -- you could put on an eye patch and Sully would think you were the coolest person he'd ever met!