Tuesday, October 15, 2013


My eye surgery is tomorrow and I am nervous and stressed about it. I know everything is going to go fine, I have this surgery before, back in 2006 and the same surgeon/ doctor is performing the surgery. The doctor that is performing the surgery is Dr. Andrew Blatt. I swear, he is the man to see if you have eye issues! I have been seeing him since I have been in St. Louis. And I credit my sister in law to finding him, she referred me to an eye doctor and he noticed my eyes were doing some wonky things that he referred me to Dr. Blatt, who has been taking care of me since. I prolly won't be posting much for a little while, while I recover. So, wish me luck! And wish Sven luck, cause he has to take care of me!


Charlie Schlax said...

Beckie --

My Prayers are with you!

Uncle Chuck

Rebecca Jarrell said...

Thank You Uncle Chuck!