Sunday, October 13, 2013

I am taking a break from watching football, since one of my teams the Texans are doing really bad and against the Rams! No offense Rams fans, but the Rams defense is not all that great, but the offense has been doing really good! So, I did get a comment on what I should talk about and my wonderful sister in law said to talk about how much I love Thirty One products. I know, I know, wonderful, you think? Yes, wonderful. She has made my transition to St. Louis so much easier and my day to day life so much better, I could not have not moved hare without having her here! Okay, onto Thirty One. Oh how can I express my love for thee. My sister in law, Melissa, I call her Missy, is my Consultant and I am prolly one of her best customers! I buy for myself, I buy for friends and I buy for friends and family that just had babies. They have something for everything and I don't know the names for everything, I am sure Missy will chime in to help me! I have a couple of Large Utility Totes which I put in my trunk and use it for when Sven and I go grocery shopping. Each one can hold 3 - 4 bags and then when you get home you can put the tote on your shoulder with the shoulder straps, so much easier! And then for your frozen and cold items, I have the insulated tote, but it is not just for the grocery store, oh no my friends! I use it for when we are travel to Chicago, I put our drinks in there and our crackers and beef jerky, etc., they are also great for picnics! Another great thing for travel, is the zipper pouch. It holds so much, I can put my shampoo and conditioner and I get the big sizes and still have room for my face cleansers. You can also use them to put your kids toys in them or you could put diapers and wipes in them. I have many purses and totes, the one I love is the Metro Retro Bag. It holds everything I need it to and it is great for when I travel to Chicago or I fly and I have seen many people use it as a purse which is brillant! They have things to keep you organized, to keep your kids organized! So, go buy some Thirty One products, cause you know you want to, I mean everyone is doing it! And if you do order, order from Missy, her page is,


Melissa said...

Awwww, thank you, Beckie! You are too sweet! You are definitely one of my best customers and very knowledgable about the products. I really appreciate your support. :)

Cecilia said...

I'm a huge 31 fan also. My favorite bags are my super organizing utility totes. Love them.