Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Since no one voted on which topic I should start with, I am going to pick the topic and I am going to choose how I am obsessed with the "Murder" Channel.

The "Murder" Channel is Investigation Discovery, Sven dubbed it the "Murder" Channel.  I have always been interested in how people think and why they do the things they do.  What makes someone that has a normal childhood start killing and why someone who is abused all their life finally lets all their rage out on one person.
I think this interest led to my interest in the mob during the Prohibition Era, ecspecially Al Capone!  It is fascinating to me how they basically lived two lives.  The life of crime and corruption that we all hear about and then their charitable side, which you don't hear about.  I am reading the book Uncle Al written by his grand niece Deidre Marie Capone.  Very Fascinating, it definately shows a different side of Al Capone and the Capone family and also offers up different explanations about events we have heard about.  Like Al Capone had nothing to do with the Valentine's Day Massacre and the reason why he was crazy or not all there in his later years was not all because of syphillis but because of the drugs they gave him to treat syphillis.

I did go to school for Marketing cause I was interested in finding out why consumers buy what they do.  Did you know you had to take boring business classes until you got to the good stuff?  Well, the business and math and accounting classes did not agree with me, truthfully, school did not agree with me!

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