Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well, I may be a little biased, but let me tell you why Chicago Rocks!

The Chicago White Sox played the Minnesota Twins in a tiebreaker game. Winner goes to the playoffs and are the AL Central Division Champions!

Well, just minutes ago, the Sox beat the Twins, 1 - 0 and are the 2008 American League Central Division Champions!

So, that means that the Chicago Cubs are the NL Central Division Champs and the White Sox are the AL Central Division Champs!

The City of Chicago has to be celebrating BIG time, man I wish I was there. I think the whole neighborhood heard me cheering when they won! It has been 102 years since BOTH teams were in the playoffs. The playoffs are going to be that more interesting this year!

I am a die hard Cubs fan and will be rooting for them, but my family has a secret. My grandfather was a closet Sox fan and part of my family are Sox fans. This will make things interesting!


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suburban prep said...

The noise is loud here.
It is a rocking town.