Friday, September 19, 2008

It's done!

Thank you everyone for the good thoughts.

I had my procedure today, everything went well.

Yesterday was hell! The prep for my procedure was absolutely the worst. I never want Gatorade again, I am so sick of it! By 2:00 pm on Thursday I wanted food. Not that I was hungry for it, I admit I was craving it, but that chewing sensation is what I really missed, so I ate ice cubes. It helped!

Sven and I had to be at the center at 7:30 am. Now, I am not a morning person at all and this was hard. I could not bring valuables with me, so that meant no rings, and NO makeup. Oh man, that was hard, I hate leaving the house without makeup on. It was scary Beckie this morning!

I was wheeled in for my procedure and given oxegyn (the kind that goes up your nose, it actually tickles) and drugs! I don't remember anything that happened, just being wheeled back into recovery and asking for Sven. I came out ALOT better this time. I think it is because they steadily decrease the medicine so you wake up better. The nurses at the center were so nice, I am actually looking forward to seeing them again next week, for my other procedure!

Then I was awake enough and cleared to go home. But, we didn't go straight home. Oh no no. I stopped eating at 9:00 pm Thursday night and I was hungry, so we went to McDonalds, I was craving a Big Mac and Fries, oh it tasted so good, then I slept most of the afternoon away, Doctors, Svens and my Moms order.

So, now I am feeling okay, I still can't drive til tomorrow (so I can't drive my forklift yet, dang it :)) and I can't make any life determining decisions or sign anything yet.

Since Sven declared me a good patient, we had Chinese for dinner and he is getting me ice cream later! I know, I know not Weight Watchers good, but come on I have to makeup for lost time :)

So, everyone have a good weekend and I am off to enjoy my ice cream.


Trisha said...

1. I'm so glad that you're blogging more now! I am excited to be able to catch up and hear about your life more.

2. I'm so glad that the procedure went well and that you made it out alright!

3. I SURE HOPE you enjoyed your ice cream! Ice cream. . .YUMMY!!!!!!!!!
You definitely deserved it!

Hope you have a good, restful weekend! :)

Maria said...

I'm glad it went much better this time! And yay for food. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yay for the procedure going well & for food!!! You deserve Mickey D's once in awhile!