Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Giving it up.

Today is Ash Wednesday. I am Catholic, but I do not go to church anymore, I don't agree with many of the teachings/practices of the church so I don't go and I am not going to go get Ashes put on my forehead.

But since this is the beginning of Lent, I am going to give something up, I kinda like that tradition.

I started thinking what would be good. Then I started thinking about how I would like to be healthier and I started thinking back to my childhood and Chocolate immediately came to mind. So I am giving up Chocolate. But, I thought I should give up something else and I thought Ice Cream.

But I got to thinking what kind of deserts can you have that are diet friendly but not ice cream or chocolate?

What about WW frozen yogurt pops? No, that is technically ice cream. What about Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches? Well, those are rules out just by the name.

Anyone have any ideas? Maybe I won't give up the Ice Cream part?

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Sassy said...

I am NOT giving anything up...but I have given up chocolate before and failed miserably. :)

If I had to give something up, it'd be soda. I'm trying to cut the diet soda habit anyway, so that would help.