Friday, February 6, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere! And Get the Chocolate Out!

I saw my doctor on Monday. I always feel so rushed with him. He is a great doctor but I don't think he takes the time with me. I had a doctor in Chicago that would spend an hour and a half with me if needed and answered every question and fear I had, sometimes I wish I was still seeing her.

I left feeling defeated, with no answers again, but I haven't progressed that much so that is good. Sometimes I wish I had so that they could really see that something is going on. So many times I go in there feeling like such a liar, I have this pain or that pain, but there is no reason to explain it.

I did get a new prescription that should help my abdominal pain (which my OB thinks is related to my condition but my neurologist laughed about), my headaches, my head pain and other things. So far no pain which is good, but two days of headaches (very mild ones) and with any medicine I start it is screwing up my balance and walking.

So Monday night, as I was walking to the kitchen I got up from the couch immediately lost my balance and went over the coffee table. I just lied on the floor til Sven came home. The second time, Sven was in the kitchen and we were cleaning up from dinner, I got up from the couch, steadied myself, grabbed the Saltinenes then BAM! fell on my right knee and threw those Saltines behind the TV. I was down for the count!

But also with this new medication cotton mouth is a side effect. I definately have got it, so now I am drinking water like crazy and going to the bathroom like crazy! The other thing is that you crave chocolate. I haven't gotten that craving yet, but we will have to get all the chocolate out of the house. I am not a huge chocolate person. What if we just have the WW chocolates in the house, will that make it better?


sarah said...

I'm sorry they can't figure out anything new for you. I hope you adjust to the new med so you can stay on it and keep the pain away. Let me know if I can ever do anything for you!

Julie said...

I really want to come see you and spend time with you! I hate reading about these spells! I love you and don't want you to be in pain. I'm going to talk to Rams and see if I can set something up for soon!