Friday, October 3, 2008


I stole this from my friend Katie's blog.

i am: missing friends and family back home.
i think: get my game on for trivia tonight.
i know: how to be silly.
i want: the Cubs to win tomorrow.
i have: a great husband.
i wish: they would just cure me and be done with it.
i hate: being in pain.
i miss: my friends and family back home.
i fear: falling.
i feel: my cats tongue.
i hear: Private Eyes.
i smell: stinky.
i crave: hmmmmmm maybe something.
i search: for old belongings.
i wonder: about my health.
i regret: some things.
i ache: at my bruised knee and abdomen.
i care: about money.
i always: shower.
i am not: in kindergarton.
i believe: everything happens for a reason.
i dance: awkwardly.
i sing: anywhere.
i cry: at movies and tc shows.
i don't always: eat right.
i fight: my condition.
i write: nothing.
i never: wake up as early as I'd like to.
i stole: nothing.
i listen: alot of things.
i need: food and water and love.
i am happy about: pretty much everything.

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