Friday, October 10, 2008

To Have Surgery, Or Not To Have Surgery.

I have been having unexplained adominal pain for 7 months now. Sometimes it is bearable, sometimes it is rip Sven arm off painful! I have spent many nights in the fetal position crying in pain.

I had a colonoscopy to see if they may find something, it didn't, it was normal. Then, I had an Upper Endoscopy cause my doctor thought that might also find something, but alas it didn't, it came back normal. I have had so many blood tests, that I am surprised I actually have blood left. Actually, when I was having my blood drawn, the blood started clotted and just stopped coming so they had to take it from the other arm.

I saw my doctor today and we talked about the results of my procedures. Since both of them came back normal she is stumped. But, she has a next move, but I am torn if I want to go ahead with it. She was to perform a laparoscopy. This is what it is:

- Visualization of the ovaries and the exterior of the Fallopian tubes and uterus by means of the inserting a surgical instrument through a small incision below the naval; one or two other punctures may be made through which additional instruments can be inserted and manipulated.

So, like I said I am torn. On the one hand, I want to have the surgery for peace of mind, maybe they will find somthing, but on the other hand, what if they don't find anything, then it brings up more questions and I wonder why the hell I am having this pain, but what if they do find something like Endometriosis? What my doctor is looking for. But if I don't have the surgery will I regret it and always wonder what if? Sorry I am rambling, I am just so confused. What do you think?


Julie T. said...

Becks! Have the lap done. It is an easy procedure w/ easy recovery and they can see so much! There were times I begged for a lap, but no one was listening. Cassidy and I can possibly have it done and keep you company! Luv you Babe!

sarah said...

I had a lap to diagnose my endometriosis. It does make you realize how much you use your stomach muscles for everyday stuff, but it's the easiest surgery I've ever had. I think you should do it. The chance of finding something out to help you far outweighs the actual procedure. I'll talk to you more about it if you want!