Thursday, October 9, 2008


I went to my weigh-in this morning. I actually have two numbers because I did not go to the meeting last week. And it is really kinda confusing, I am actually trying to figure out how to do this without revealing my weight. But after thinking about it, it is really one number and all that really counts is what I get from the meetings, I am not totally trusting my scale at home.

So, I weighed in and I am up .2 pds. Not bad for Aunt Flo visiting last week and me dealing with migraines. I think that I can totally lose that weight and then some this week. I am going to do what my friend Becca does and let today be my "splurge" day and watch the rest of the days. I do have a wedding on Saturday so that will be hard to stay good, but I will try.

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