Monday, April 20, 2009

Foods I am Craving...

I am from Chicago and I so miss the food. St. Louis does not have any of these foods and I am so craving them.

1. Pierogis
2. Klotchkis (not sure that is the right way to spell it)
3. Giordanos Deep Dish Pizza
4. Portillos

Anyone from Chicago wanna send me one of these foods?


twinkle730 said...

Ohhhh, I just went to Chicago this past weekend and had a blast!!!

We ate at Portillos & I LOVED it...YUMMMY. Just had hotdog & fries, but it was the bomb!

Didn't try Giordanos Deep Dish, but had Ginos!

My mouth is watering right now...

Datura Rose said...

This site delivers Portillo's and other Chicago faves anywhere in the country. Just a wee bit expensive though, lol.