Monday, April 6, 2009


I can't believe I forgot to tell you about Wurstfest.

What is Wurstfest you ask. It is Sausage fest in Hermann, MO the last week of March. Sven and I have been going for the last years, the last two years, my parents and my sister have joined us. We have so much fun when we go. It is ten different vendors with 100 different kinds of sausage and bratwurst. And it only costs $6 for all you can eat sausage!

Our freezer is packed with sausage, thank god it is getting warmer and we can start grilling!

They already have their 2010 and 2011 dates set!


Angie said...

Ooo that sounds awesome. I'll have to tell hubs about that and maybe we can go next year. he lurves sausage.

Beckie said...

You should! It is really good and so many different kinds. We had a Green Pepper and Onion Bratwurst the other night, with green peppers and onions in it, so good. We also go Apple Cinnamon Sausage, great for breakfast!

Bar Stool Boy said...

If you get a chance, look up Hot Doug's in Chicago, IL. They have specialty sausages like Alligator and Elk. They also have the standbys like Brats and Polish Sausages.

Richardson said...

All you can eat sausage. Count me in. I am from Chicago, but I believe we Chicagoans can hold our own when it comes to sausage.