Friday, April 17, 2009

Migraines Suck!

I have been dealing with migraines since I was 15. I hate them. They make me nauseous, I need to/can only lie in bed all day, the room has to be dark, no light (too sensitive) and no sound.

I am taking two different medications for prevention, which totals six pills a night, and yet I still get them. I had my third one this week. The first two I think totally had to do with the weather, it was rainy and humid. I get them with the change in the pressure. But why I got one today I have no idea!

But thank God, I had my trusty friend Excedrin. It is a friggin lifesaver! Although, my neurologist doesn't like me taking it all that often, I think it's because of the caffeine.

Like, I said I am on prevention medications, but it doesn't always work. When I do get them, besides Excedrin I don't know how else to get rid of them. What do you do?


Cecilia said...

I am so sorry. I have only had two migraines in my lifetime (knock on wood) and I was miserable. I cannot imagine how you deal with it. My daughter's cure for me was a butter sandwich. LOL. It was made with love, but all the love in the world doesn't make a butter sandwich any more yummy. I will keep ya in my prayers.

Sassy said...

I get stress migraines, so lately, I've been getting them a lot. I had one last night, in fact. I get really nauseaus and dizzy before the headache hits. If, before it's full blown, I give myself a brain freeze, that generally keeps me from getting the actual headache and helps the symptoms go away faster. It sounds CRAZY, but my ENT told me it worked for his wife and I tried it and it's been my miracle ever since. Try it. Last night, a popsicle was all it took. Sometimes, I need a slushie. Shakes don't seem to do the trick all the time.

I also just take 4 ibuprofen at the first sign and that helps, too. But once it's full blown, sleep is the only thing that helps at all. That and an ice pack on my head.

Beckie said...

A brain freeze sounds interesting. I will try that! Thank You! Grease helps too, if I have it at night, Steak n Shake or McDonalds is great! Diet Coke is good too but that is the same as Excedrin.

Emily said...

I usually take some Tylenol, a hot bath and nice hot towel on my face. I've fallen asleep in the bathtub before! haha good thing it's shallow. =-) I hope you find something that works for you, migraines are so mysterious.

Cathy E said...

Beckie - if you're getting that many migraines, you probably need to have your neurologist up your dose of preventative meds or change them. I take 200mg of Topamax as preventative a day, then when I get a migraine, I have the 100mg Imitrex or the new Treximet (which is a combo Imitrex / Aleve). The Treximet causes me SEVERE nausea though. I've been through TONS of the abortive meds - you just have to try them to find the one that works for you. I used Excedrin for years also, but from the sounds of it, you need something stronger.

I see a specialist in Migraines at Northwestern - let me know if you want to compare notes sometime.


Beckie said...

My preventative was just increased. I will have to try the Imitrex though. I was on Topamax for about six months and loved it, never had a migraine. But just taking 25 mg of it made me DUMB! I forgot words, forgot who Sven was, forgot where I was. If I didn't have that affect I would go back on it in a heartbeat!